About Yes Clubs Bible Study

Have you been searching to know more about the Bible but don't have a lot of time for study? Have you ever wondered what God has written in the Bible for our personal and everyday lives? Have you ever needed a detailed specific study on key topics from the Bible and only from the Scriptures; not mans opinion? You have found the place to settle down and stop the seemingly endless searching for a trusted Bible study! 
This site is free! You study at your convenience! The studies are quick and easy, but detailed and direct. You are quizzed on-line and your answers are graded instantly on-line. You can see both correct and incorrect answers to improve your learning experience. The Bible is used to answer all questions and we only use the KJV! 
These studies are excellent for new Christians of all ages. The lesson topics are wonderful for mature Christians to go back for a quick reminder of key Biblical principles and the Scriptures to back those principles. 
Certificates suitable for framing are given for each lesson completed in the Bible Basics and the Bible Essentials lessons categories. Then after each book of the New Testament is completed you will receive a certificate of completion for that particular book of study.